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they live together? o.O

Doesn't load!

The thing doesn't work... so yeah. 0.

Jonesy177x responds:

watchu talkin 'bout? XD

lol cute

I loved it :P I bet they will play that song for the Twilight movie :P

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Amazing game, if you could make an more compact version, it would be an incredible preloader game.

Great game

Loved the game, one quick question: How do I get more traits? Like not the symptoms or resistances but the traits (other than the ones you start with).
The guide says there is 20 but it nor the tutorial explained it.

Great game but I found a few bugs...

Awesome game, but, i found 2 bugs:
1. When you use a bomb it gets rid of all of them. I had 7 and used one and I lost all 7.

2.The music stops playing after a while.

Nice job, very addicting game, oh, and btw: I AM Jaden, the current #1 player and the first person to go over 100,000 points. If you play your cards right I can go ON and ON and ON! I suicided cuz i got bored; coulda stayed on longer. Great game, addicting!

shade999999 responds:

The bombs only all go away if you don't lightly tap the button. I am so sorry, but the way I used the code, I couldn't make it to where you can only use 1 at a time. Just lightly press the button. So sorry. And yes, this is a game of patience, not skill (play till you get bored, LOL!)Good job on the highscore (I may just have to beat it now).

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:O Pleasantly Surprised.

I read your review on Dimrain's "The Final Hour" and I was all PSHHH I BET ITS NOT AS GOOD So I went to check it out, and am very happy to say I was pleasantly surprised. While I still enjoy Dimrain's music, you yourself are incredibly talented :D

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Devn responds:


Good stuff

Awesome mix, but the song is called Lux Aeterna (or Cleaning Apartment in the official soundtrack) in the movie Requiem FOR a Dream. Great mix brah.

Not Bad

Cool loop, it seems a little like it would be playing during sim city or something like that.

HardcoreCap responds:

hmmm....never played sim city, but i can see what you're saying....probably more so if i took the kick out

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